Twelve Planes in Paris

Twelve Planes in Paris


My daughter, her friend and I stopped for coffee and tea at Le Cafe Marly, Rue de Rivoli in Paris. The afternoon sun bounced off the windows of the cafe, the windows of the Louvre across the street, the kiosk outside the cafe, creating many planes of color and texture. Captured with my iPhone in the summer of 2015. The names of the Paris metro stations surround the center image; they are in a font named “guimard_metropolitan” designed by Jonathan l. Wilkinson (for an honors program in architecture in which he researched, digitized and essentially created from scratch the Paris Metro fonts). Oui Oui Mr. Wilkinson.

14” by 72”

36” by 36”

100% 12 mm Silk Charmeuse

Made in the USA

Printed in San Francisco, California

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