Visiting a cousin who has a house along the US side of Lake Erie I walked along the shoreline while she and her husband started the day with their cups of coffee.  When I returned over an hour later they thought I had fallen in and drowned.  Au contraire, I had been playing wit my shadow at the water’s edge; the interplay of the water, the smooth pebbles and the low morning light had captivated me.   This is a panorama I shot with my iPhone as I walked along the shoreline.  It captured discrete images of my shadows, reminding me of pictographs (painted images) I had seen at Ancestral Puebloan sites in Utah.  It holds for me the same reverential feeling I had when I saw those images which were over 900 years old, a moment in time frozen for posterity.


14” by 72”


100% 12 mm Silk Charmeuse

Made in the USA

Printed in San Francisco, California

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